Anniversary Chronicles..

Many moonless nights long ago, two wild and crazy childhood adversaries decided playtime was over....and before their families combined their powers into one indomitable force known as The Lee's! The Lee's vowed to love, support and cherish one another as well as unite some powerful relative "down the way" factions and form a neighborhood conglomerate known as The Family! The Family includes following syndicates: The Lee's, Carr's, Roseman's, Payton's, Little's, Bryd's and Crutchfields!  

The Family has continued to grow and prosper, with each army embarking on one adventure after another. It has taken decades but the commitment and strength that these friends had in the beginning continues to this day.
So as each bead of morning dew clings to a blade of grass, may the love between The Lee's continue to grow and reign supreme all the way to the heavens!

Until next time Loves!

Pray for Kenya

Please pray for the people killed and/ or injured in Kenya's deadly attack at a University.