Guest bathroom

I love the rich colors of the fall and winter seasons...with that said I'm so over winter!  It has been overcast for days.  The plus side is I have time to work on projects around the house.  Now, normally my guest bathroom is light filled and inviting but today it seems too dark.  So I snapped a few quick pictures to get some ideas on how I want to decorate it for spring.  Do you change all your rooms in the house to match the seasons? 

Melody Ehsani

Still feeling the fun and vibrant designs from the Melody Ehsani line.  I discovered this jewelry a few years back and still rock my pieces!  This is jewelry for the woman who is not afraid to show her bold side!  Like what you see?  You can find them here:


I have been on the fence about having either a built in banquette or settee in my kitchen but after seeing these beauties from Home Goods it looks like I'm on the hunt for a settee.

Until next time.

Healthy eating

So...I am on a quest to eat healthier fare this year.  Here's a quick peek of what I prepared for dinner tonight, a whole wheat veggie pizza and a tossed salad splashed with a light vinaigrette.  The pizza was delicious and not greasy.  I need to try to make more of my pizza's at home.
The whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe's is to die for!  Until next time!


Thrifting has never been my thing but, I have been inspired by other bloggers and YouTuber's who have found some awesome items at their local thrift store.  Well lo and behold I go to my local Goodwill and found these bookends! These bookends are very heavy and well made from solid wood.  I only paid $9.99 for them and when I looked at the bottom the original price was a whopping $75.00!  I'm undecided where they will eventually end up but for now they are resting on the mantle in my bedroom.  If you thrift, what was your favorite purchase?

Do you Juju?

I have been in love with juju hats forever!  Since moving into my new home last year I have not made any furniture purchases.  I really wanted to get a feel for the home and how I wanted it to look.  Being a "Girly Girl" married to a "Macho Man" has created some design challenges but when the hubby got his man cave he said "do what you want to the house just leave my room alone!"  Famous last words but then again he likes to live dangerously.  Ok, so let me stop rambling, I get sidetracked very easily.  Now back to the juju hats, I haven't decided how I will work one into my space but I will get one.  I just pulled some images off the web to lust after!  Enjoy!

Sofa Mart makeover

So excited to finally show you all the design I did at Sofa Mart awhile back!  Opportunities like these don’t happen every day and I am truly blessed and thankful for the chance to show my designs to the public.  A big hug and thank you is being sent to Micah the manager of Sofa Mart here in Harker Heights, TX.  He is truly the best!  When I strolled in the store a few months back like I always do, Micah and I started talking and I expressed my desire to start my own business.   He immediately gave me encouraging words and told me if there was anything he could do to help to please let him know.  Well Micah…I would really like to style an area in the store so customers can get an idea of the different ways you can decorate with a piece from Sofa Mart.  After getting approval from their corporate office here is my design.  Waaa Laa!

And without further ado...

If you are in the market for big ticket item like a sofa please do not hesitate to see the good people at Sofa Mart.  Unsure of how to incorporate the sofa you want into your décor and your in the Harker Heights area send me an email, I would love to help!
Micah and I



Why blog?

Last year I decided to walk on faith and pursue my dream of starting my own business and begin a blog.  This journey has been interesting and filled with many ups and downs.  Thankfully there have been more ups then downs.  But with that said, I do know this...everyone will not support your dreams and that's okay.  But I will continue to push and strive for what I want!  The biggest reason for me to change from a reader of blogs to an author of one is this; all the bloggers I once enjoyed were becoming similar in style and content.   I noticed the topics were the same and I could not relate to a lot of them like I once did.  Did the bloggers change or was it me?  It was a little of both.   The change for me in the fashion blogs  was now they only talked about designer fashions and the makeup blogs centered on various high end cosmetics lines!  I think there wasn’t a shift in the blogger’s post there was a shift in my perspective.  When I was working full time I didn’t give a real thought to the cost of an item. After buying my house last year, moving and starting a new career, my overindulgence in shoes and clothing were revealed and abruptly stalled!  The horror! At first, there was a sad longing to be out in the stores to see, touch and purchase all the lovely wares.  But after moving and getting a real eyeful of EEEVVERRRYYTHING I owned!  I came to the realization and I must admit it was a slow reality check, but I owned too much of a good thing!  I started going through items to purge so I will have room to enjoy our new place but the sad truth is it’s still a process.  And so I am still purging and procrastinating but I have never been giddier.  I am truly happy and blessed to spend my day doing what I love and I hope you all stay with me while I walk this walk!



I hope you all had a good and restful weekend.  I spent the better part of my weekend tending my plants.  I don't have a green thumb or deep pockets to keep replacing plants that die an untimely death while under my care.  Fortunately for me, Home Depot has a good return policy so my Fiddle fig tree has been returned and I'm trying once again to grow one.  While at Home Depot I noticed they had a lot fruit trees out and was wondering how well the trees would fare in this Texas weather.  After speaking with the associate in the garden center I was told the trees could grow with no problem.  But in order for them to produce fruit a lot of work and effort would have to be put into their care in the first year.  So there will be no planting of a fruit tree in my yard.  But alas!  I have options!!! Wait for it...a Meyer lemon tree!  From what I have read, they grow relatively easy inside or outdoors.  The lemons are said to produce fruit that is sweet and less tart than the regular supermarket varieties.  The trees can grow anywhere from 6-12ft high and produce fruit all year.  Winter is when the tree yields the most fruit and my favorite tidbit I found out about the Meyer lemon tree grows in Texas!  So wish me luck!  I'm on the hunt for a Meyer lemon tree they have been sold out locally but when I purchase one I will let you all know.  Until next time.

New Year, New Snacks!

My resolution for the new year make NO resolutions!  Who needs the pressure?  I DID  choose to make healthier choices as far as my diet is concern this year.  When I  kept a food journal some months back, I learned that I do not eat often and my snack choices were not the best.  I needed a change.  So, I was beyond ecstatic when Trader Joe's opened in Austin, TX last year.  Every time I shop there I find new items that I fall in love with.   This time when I shopped things would be different, I was on a mission to find healthy snack options.

                                Here are some snacks that I found that are DELICIOUS!!!
My favorite find hands down are the Quinoa and Black Bean Tortilla Chips.  They are so good and garlicky, I eat them with the tomatillo and roasted yellow chili salsa.  I really have to watch my serving on these they are addictive.  The chia has become a staple in my smoothies along with my flax seeds.  The marcona almonds with rosemary have also become a quick favorite..  If you are looking for some healthy option try Traders Joes.  When planning my grocery list I try to dedicate a small portion to snacks and these are all  budget friendly.  
I plan on creating some healthy alternatives to some meals I have made for years, so stay tune for those in the coming weeks.
*I know, I know. I know the almond biscotti is not a "healthy" snack but having an indulgence every once in awhile never killed anyone!*

Happy New Year

Here's hoping your New Year is off to a scrumptious start!