I'm stuffed!

This Thanksgiving holiday was almost a blur for me, due to my frenzied time in the kitchen. My hubby wanted to eat earlier than we did last year. Last year dinner was served at 4pm, This year we moved our meal to 2pm. I'm the only cook in the house and I was completely and utterly WORN OUT! A favorite dish of my family is my cornbread dressing made with peppers, it's sweet, savory and this dressing paired with my turkey gravy is divine!

A couple of years ago my hubby/ sous chef purchased me a chopper and that small gadget has taken so much time and effort off of my prep time. My favorite kitchen item is under $10!

The cornbread is made a couple of days in advance and is spongy and sweet.

I made this dish larger than I would need for Thanksgiving so I would have extra for Sunday dinners in December. I'm am really trying to do more pre planning so I can enjoy my friends and family this holiday season instead of being stuck in the kitchen cooking. I hope your holidays were good now, I'm off to start decorating my home for Christmas!

Until next time Loves!

Savory Sardines

Right before a major holiday that involves a lot of cooking I like to prepare light meals that are fulfilling and low in calories.  I was surprised when I went to Fiesta and  they had these jumbo sized sardines. I broiled these with some olive oil, lemon juice and truffle sea salt and they were delicious!  

What are some of your go to meals that you can fix in a pinch? My shortcut meals usually involve some type of pasta.  I'm looking forward to posting some of my Thanksgiving dishes with you all. 
Until next time!


I picked the last of my tomatoes for this season and I am really pleased with the amount I grew. This was my first garden and everything started off slowly but by the end of July until now, I have had a bountiful harvest. I have so many tomatoes and peppers now, that I am a tad overwhelmed with the veggies. I'm unfamiliar with the canning process so, I will first make a tomato sauce, and then I will try my hand at making a tomato tart and finally slice and freeze the rest. If you have never tried your hand gardening give it a go it was easier than I thought!  I also saw an immediate price drop in my produce bill. Happy Harvesting!
Until next time Loves!

My Top 5 Winter Must Haves

Here is a list of my top 5 items I need to have to get through the Winter without complaints.

There is nothing better than a cashmere sweater and this one by Zara is cute and affordable Zara.com

Since I started using this salve a few years back my chapped lips are a thing of the past. 

This Honeywell Enviracaire Air Cleaner is an allergy sufferer's friend find one here: amazon.com
This body cream is one of my favorites from keeping the ashy skin at bay, it doesn't leave my skin too sticky or shiny and the light citrus scent is not overpowering.  I will be on the lookout for some killer sales in the next week from Bath & Bodyworks.  If you need some now they have a buy 2 get 1 free sale going on now www.bathandbodyworks.com
My last must have item is a throw to ward off Winter's chill.  I literally have throws draped all over my house, on the back and arm of chairs and sofa's and at the foot of my bed. Anyway you get the picture, I generally use them year round because I am always cold.  Try to buy the best you can afford because these will never go out of style and they just encourage you to have a good cuddle session.  This one from www.zgallerie.com is soft, sexy, warm and Mongolian!
Until next time Loves!


The web has been flooded with images from Solange's wedding, and I along with everyone one else just let my mouth hang open after gasping at the beautiful pictures!

This pre-wedding dress is just divine and the bag and shoes add just the right touch of bling to the monochromatic look.

 New Orleans has the perfect architecture for a wedding, all the buildings provide the perfect back drop for a stunning portrait.
Riding a bike to your ceremony adds a vintage appeal and adds to the effortless style of the wedding.

How boring to see the same boring wedding portraits time after time, but these give me life!  The pictures are out the box and create a vintage imagery that I cannot stop looking at! 

This is a picture I would love to capture for myself, gazing at family and friends who are blessing your union.  I feel the love from my family and friends, but to have a photo that you can look at is priceless.

Just another stylish ensemble to end her wedding weekend, Solange rocks a one leg jumpsuit!  Where they do that at?  In New Orleans and they did it well! 

Until next time Loves!

Scents, Salts and Smudge!

I have been cleaning all day and bringing plants inside to prepare for the winter. Between the salt rocks, air purifier and plants, I should have no problems with my respiratory system or allergies this winter. Next on my to do list is a good smudge inside my house to release all the negativity and allow love and light to enter. The incense, essential oils and candles are releasing their scents in the air and I'm ready to cuddle! Alas, I will have to wait one more day for the hubster to return home! My pups will just have to put up with me one more day!  

How do you prepare your home decoratively for the winter? Share some of your thoughts with me! Until next time!

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all current and former military members, your service is welcomed, respected and appreciated!


It's meatless meal Monday! Today I made a quick stir fry using fresh vegetables, ginger, tofu and peanuts.  This is always a crowd pleaser and my meat loving son said he was surprised he liked it so much!  Staying healthy is a daily challenge but making small changes go a long way in your overall diet.

Stay tuned for some homemade blackbeans burgers and other healthy dishes.  Until next time Loves!

Global Chic

Here are some global chic rooms that I like to lust look at and draw inspiration from.  Just a glimpse of these looks heighten my senses and I feel as if I'm drifting off to some exotic locale.

Can you imagine hosting a dinner party and all the guest sat on the floor? It's informal and sexy at the same time.

This living room is align with my need to have my main furniture pieces in a neutral color and to kick the look up with interesting accessories in vibrant colors.  I am still searching for some nice ikat or suzani printed curtains.

The color of the wallpaper in this bedroom is too busy for me but everything else in this room is giving me life.  The dramatic ceiling makes the room seem cozier.

Fancy, formal and ethnic yep that's what I like!
What looks and designs are you liking?  Is it the same design style from 5 years ago?  Do you pick form or function when choosing furniture and accessories? 

If you are having trouble designing a room or pinpointing your style feel free to drop me an email I love to hear from you!

Until next time Loves!

Peacock feathers

I just purchased some peacock feathers and I would like to use them in an arrangement somewhere in my home. These should work in my changing design aesthic. I think I'm leaning toward a Global Chic look. But hey that's what I'm feeling this week. Remember your home should be a reflection of you and hey I'm all over the place! Check back with me later in the week and see what I come up with.

Until next time Loves!

Candy Corn Cocktail

So...I made my candy corn infused vodka cocktail last night and it was a big hit as always.  Being an avid vodka drinker, you will see me post numerous vodka recipes and this is one of the easiest and a crowd favorite.

1 750 ml bottle of vodka
3/4 cup of candy corn

Place candy corn in a bottle and top with vodka. I let this mixture steep a minimum of 4 hours.  The vodka is sweet, syrupy and potent!  Remember this is straight vodka, you can use as is, in a shot or make a cocktail. I like to pour some over a couple of candy corn candies and top with pineapple juice or apple cider to counter the heat from the vodka. Remember vodka is tasteless but you can definitely feel the heat!  If you like bubbles you can always add a sparkling water to the vodka and juice mixture to add some efferversence.  Sit backand enjoy your Halloween everyday in a 

Until next time Loves!