On A Wing and A Prayer

You know the saying the On a wing and a prayer?  Well, this saying has resonated with me and I feel I am actually working and growing toward my purpose.  After my morning reflection (I haven't mastered the art of mediation yet) I kept looking at the word "wing" and all these images that are associated with "wings" popped into my head. I wanted share my love for wings in all different mediums...tattoo's, eyeliner etc.

The Help?

I have been busy cooking all weekend since my hubby is making it home only once a week.  I made Shrimp n Grits for brunch, and a grilled drum and Brussel sprouts!  They both were de-lishes!!! Inbox me if you need the recipe.
Until next time!

Spanish Revival

Just wanted to share some design inspiration with you all from the wonderful designers at HGTV.  While I do like looking at this Spanish Revival design, my eyes were immediately drawn to the rug. After further inspection of the room, I don't know how practical or comfortable the seating would be for everyday living.  I could see the pieces separately but altogether they wouldn't work for my family.  That daybed however would fit rather nicely in my office I may have to hunt for something similar.  What design styles do you enjoy?  Have you incorporated your favorite design style in your home décor?  My design style has changed over the years so I'm ready to switch up some pieces in my home.  I guess I just have another excuse to shop!

Until next time Loves!


PeaceImages Jewelry
Enjoy these cultural pieces of jewelry by PeaceImages.  They use brass in their pieces, brass is a favorite metal of mine for jewelry.  The tarnish appearance that brass takes on after constant wear aid in its vintage appeal.  I noticed they have added some newer pieces since the last time I visited the site.  I'm going to try and to get my favorites ordered before the holidays.  Like what you see?  Find more here: peaceimages.bigcartel.com

The African choker is my hands down favorite but I will take them all!  Stay tuned to see what make its way to my jewelry box.  Until next time Loves!

Home Shopping Network (HSN)

My eyes have been glued to my computer screen all morning, looking at all the fabulous finds on the HSN (Home Shopping Network) site or what I'm calling the Hot Savings Now site.  This is not the HSN of yesteryear, where you would happen upon the network when randomly flipping through channels, usually late at night.  You would see outfits come across the television screen that your grandmother wouldn't be caught wearing!  My, my, my, how times have changed!  The look and feel of the site has been upgraded along with the merchandise.  Old and new designers are showcasing their wares on the site and even the most fashionable of ladies can find many items to stock and rock.  I listed some of my favorites below.
BCBGeneration "Rossi" Leather Western Boot
IMAN Global Chic Showstopper Colored Watch and Bangle
Jessica Simpson Sunglasses
BCBGeneration "Kristen" The Indio Clutch
June Ambrose "Harlow" Peep Toe Lace-Up Wedge
IMAN Global Chic Rock the Runway Carry-On Luxe Duffle Roller
BCBGeneration "Anders" Leather Wedge with Zipper Straps
IMAN Platinum Rock the Runway Leather & Hair Calf Weekender Bag

June Ambrose "Ryder" Tall leather Riding Boot
I really need some longer legs because that last pair of boots are the absolute business!  Oh well, I will have to show my daughter these lovelies she can rock these right!  Have a great weekend Loves!
Until next time!

Pop goes the weasel!

I have been drinking this strawberry, cucumber and mint sparkling water concoction since last week. This is my answer to soda pop and the fancy, schmancy water sold in the grocery stores.  The mint is fresh from the garden, and I am really pleased that something I grew is making its way to my table! Looking forward to switching things up with lemon and basil next week!  What changes have you made to your diet to support a healthy lifestyle?  Remember Loves, take baby steps...
Until next time!

Lavender Bath Salt

I decided to get a head start on making some personal gifts this holiday season.  This lavender bath salt is so easy to make and a perfect gift for anyone who spends long hours on their feet.  The Epsom salt helps relieve pain and muscle cramps, while the lavender produces a sedating effect while easing tension.

To make this at home you need:

1/2 cup Epsom salt                5 drops of lavender oil            

Add the salt to your bath as you fill the tub.  Slip in the tub and relax, let your muscles loosen up and enjoying the calming effects of the salt.  Another added benefit is you will sleep so soundly after this bath.  Try this salt out and let me know what you think.
Until next time!


There is nothing better than receiving a homemade gift! I feel special when I get a gift someone made specifically for me.  The giver thought about my needs and/or wants and created something with me in mind. So with all that mushiness said, I am trying to get a head start on the holiday season by preparing some gifts for my friends and family.  I will post my gifts later in the week, so stay tuned!

Until next time Loves!


Happy Birthday to my beloved grand daughter, watching you grow makes my heart sing and my eyes weep.  Love you to the move and back!

Island Stew

Fall is my favorite time of the year, I love the colors and flavors of the season and I have decided to combine them in a dish, I created and named "Island Stew". It was a feast for the eyes and wallet!

A crusty baguette and a glass of Cabernet completed this hearty meal.  

Until next time!

Indian Healing Clay

So awhile back I posted a list of my favorite skincare  products that I use for my face, and I have had a clear and even complexion while using them.  But since that post I have had some occasional breakouts or I should say just one worrisome zit that goes away and comes back!  Instead of buying different products to work on this zit, I decided to go old school and use some Indian Healing Clay.  If you are unfamiliar with Bentonite clay, its used to remove impurities and dirt from your skin.  Most day spas use clay in their treatment and it I said Cleopatra was a regular user of clay.  All I can  say is, it's the best rejuvenating facial money can buy.  This is how I mix mine.

Clay Mask
2 tsp Indian Healing Clay
2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
2 tsp Aloe Vera gel

Mix these ingredients together in a plastic bowl and apply to your face for 30 minutes.  You can actually feel your skin tightening under the mask.  Remove the mask with warm water, I actually loosened my mask up with a warm towel and then rinsed it off in the shower.  My face was slightly red after removing the mask but it cleared up after 20 minutes. 

So you lovelies wish me luck as I attempt to get rid of this unwanted guest visiting my chin!
Until next time!