Dr. Maya Angelou R.I.H.

I thank you for your words of encouragement and empowerment through a beautifully spun poem.  Your poems and novels will continue to bring light and balance into my heart!  

Happy Memorial Day!

A big thank you to my husband, father and numerous uncles and cousins who have proudly served!

Landscaping Lullabies

Have you ever been tired of shopping?  I didn't think I would get tired, I know I would probably run out of money before I ever utter the words "I'M TIRED OF SHOPPING!"  But this lady here is tired!  Couple my enthusiasm for the sale on flowers at Lowe's with my struggle to get my allergies and sinuses in check has me seriously dragging.  It doesn't matter how tired my body is I can still work this mouth and scream at the top of my lungs "GO to LOWE'S"!  They have been slashing the prices on flowers since Sunday.  So after the minor success with my garden and early landscaping efforts, I took the plunge and purchased some flowers. Here's a peek at what I purchased and I will post pictures on my progress and have a final reveal.

Night Love's, see you all on the flip side!  *the pots are from Ross and Tuesday Morning*


My name is Luv and I am a....... SHOE LOVER!  Okay, I said it!  The first step in overcoming your addiction is admitting you have a problem.....well I do, and its these Jimmy Choo's.  The Vince d' Orsay mesh tie pump is now available for pre-order and this sexy little pump is exactly what I like and need!  The wine color and simple yet sophisticated design make these a welcome addition to any shoe collection.  I saw these at Neiman Marcus and I will be dropping my hubby hints when he claims he has no idea what I like.  Hey, check my page bruh!

Until next Loves!

It's so easy being green

I wanted to share the progress of my garden with you all.  There have been some changes starting with the garden itself.  I had to remove some of my food from containers to a garden bed since they were growing so well.  Since, I would be working on and in the garden by myself,  I decide to make one using cinder blocks. I got this idea from the community garden in my area and I must say, I am very pleased the total cost to erect this structure was a mere $25.00! You can not beat that!  All the openings along the top of the cider block can be filled with herbs.  The possibilities for this type of garden bed is endless and will not put a strain on your pocketbook.  "Do people say pocketbook anymore?  Oh well, it will not strain your wallet!  The jalapeno pepper and some of my tomatoes are ripening like the Roma's and.....I can not for the life of me remember the name of the other variety!   I must be in the early stages of "oldtimer's" anyways, my Heirloom, Celebrity and Cherry tomatoes are not ready yet.  The squash, peppers and all the herbs are doing extremely well.  Clipping the Rosemary weekly has become a chore, that thing is a beast!  My Meyer lemon tree has struggled a bit due to the extreme weather changes but, I see new leaves every week.  As the items in the garden ripen I will use them in recipes and share them with you!

Starting a garden was easier than I initially thought, but in the words of one of my favorite comedians Martin Lawrence, "ain't nothin to it but to do it!"  Until next time Loves!

Bohemian Rhapsody

Here's a little evening design inspiration.  I love all the different colors, prints and textures!  Everything is just lovely!

Until next time!


The Doux
 As a fairly new user of Instagram, I became quickly enamored with the access to all these creative and talented people at my finger tips!  And The Doux did not disappoint my thirst for all things fly!  This is how it went down.  After posting a picture on IG a person I was unfamiliar with stated they liked my photo and I clicked on the user to see who it was and that turned into a hour long love fest looking at the page and website!  I looked and lusted over the products and items at The Doux, for two days .  These hot hair care products and accessories are in one hip hop inspired word DOPE!  

The Doux is the brain child of military spouse and natural hairstylist Mya Smith.  This LA based stylist who  took her talents to Kaiserlautern, Germany with her military spouse will soon be bringing her style, flavor and love of all things Hip Hop back to the States! Her haircare products are currently unavailable due to the move but I will keep you posted on their availability.  The packaging is what immediately grabs my attention, I would even leave these "dare I say? out on my counter."

 Her Doux RAG line with its eclectic mix of hip hop themes, street style and a retro flavor are all that and a  bag of chips!   Check the funky names of each doux rag.  I can not wait until her site and products are available so I can share them with you all, so I will just drool for now and work on my rhymes!

Bonita Big Faces

 Talking Junk

Like it Rawr

Lipstick Assasin
Ice Grillin

Until next time, PEACE!

Tyku Wine Bar and Lounge

This has been such a busy and productive week for me personally and professionally.  I cannot wait to put the finishing touches on some projects I have been working on, so I can share them with you all.  I have never been more ready for a weekend than this week!  My body and my brain is tired and I am running on empty.  So, if you are like me and need to find some place to unwind this weekend, I highly recommend the Tyku Wine Bar and Lounge.  It is a beautiful place to unwind and have a sip of vino and listen to some great music by the band FATSAUCE!  Yes the name is FATSAUCE!  

Now back to Tyku, this new hot spot is located in a partially renovated downtown Killeen.  The revitalization that is being done downtown is great and sorely needed and I look forward to more businesses coming to the area that cater to a mature crowd.  Tyku fills the need for people 25 yrs and up who are looking for a classy place to sip and unwind.  The decor is Asian inspired and the area where the band plays is cozy and intimate.  There is a courtyard and a convenient rotation of food trucks in the back,  for all you that need to grab a nibble.  The VIP area upstairs is nice and plush and can be rented out for private parties.

My only complaint with Tyku is they call themselves a wine bar and I have yet to meet anyone on their staff who is knowledgeable about the different types of wine and/or food pairings.  But hey, that's a small thing considering you do have a generous selection of wine to choose from.  Beer and spirits are also available for those of you who do not drink wine.  I don't know who you strange people are but hey, they have something for everybody!

Now back to the band FATSAUCE who play at Tyku.   I was pleasantly surprised with the band who have a wide repertoire of music from classic R&B to current hits.  Also since I am a tried and true hip hop fan I have to get props to the band member who did Jay Z's rap from the hit "Empire State of Mind" when he started I was giving him the side eye but he killed it!  At last, at last,  a place for grown folks to listen to live music in the area, I will most definitely be a regular here!

Until next time!


Cinco de Mayo

Hey Loves, I know I am posting extremely late this evening but I have been enjoying Cinco de Mayo today! So while I kick back with my meal and the smooth sounds of Celia' Cruz in my ears,  go ahead and have a shot of tequila on me!

Until next time!

Seafood Italian with Roasted Garlic Couscous

I just wanted to share a picture of the meal I threw together tonight.  Oh Wee!  This was absolutely delicious and I am really proud at how well this turned out.  I have really been consuming a lot of seafood and am constantly trying to explore ways to prepare it so I wont become bored.  This was meal was indeed a  winner!
Seafood Italiano with Roasted Garlic Couscous

Have a great night Loves!  Until next time!