Landscaping Lullabies

Have you ever been tired of shopping?  I didn't think I would get tired, I know I would probably run out of money before I ever utter the words "I'M TIRED OF SHOPPING!"  But this lady here is tired!  Couple my enthusiasm for the sale on flowers at Lowe's with my struggle to get my allergies and sinuses in check has me seriously dragging.  It doesn't matter how tired my body is I can still work this mouth and scream at the top of my lungs "GO to LOWE'S"!  They have been slashing the prices on flowers since Sunday.  So after the minor success with my garden and early landscaping efforts, I took the plunge and purchased some flowers. Here's a peek at what I purchased and I will post pictures on my progress and have a final reveal.

Night Love's, see you all on the flip side!  *the pots are from Ross and Tuesday Morning*

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