San Pellegrino is an Italian brand of flavored sparkling mineral water, that I began drinking years ago in place of soda. While it is a carbonated beverage it does contain real fruit juice and sugar.  I enjoy these beverages because they are not overly sweet or syrupy.  So in between my numerous glasses of water, tea and juice on these hot summer days, I do enjoy a limonata or aranciata!  Limiting my intake of these delicious drinks are a must however, because sugary drinks are a major diet busters!

Until next time Loves!

Pamela Love Jewelry

If you like jewelry in any shape or form, let me see your hands!  If you are looking for ordinary and/ or unassuming looks you need to go somewhere else, because the big bang designs of Pamela Love is here to stay!  This relatively new line of jewelry by Brooklyn designer Pamela Love started in 2006.  This jewelry is absolutely breath taking!  Who can believe these stunning pieces are made from mostly recycled metals? The semi precious stones are said to be ethically sourced and remind me of the bohemian vibe of pieces my aunt Joan rocked in the 70's.  This jewelry is not for wall flowers, it's for people who want to be seen!  Like these looks?  Cop them here:

 My all time favorite is this grey diamond solitaire, what a wonderful alternative to the traditional wedding ring bauble!

I hoped you loved these looks as much as I did, until next time Loves!

Charlotte Olympia vs Charlotte Russe

No matter what the next fashion trend is you can enjoy all the looks without blowing your budget!  All designer items usually will have a lower cost option that will make their looks accessible for those of us with moderate incomes.  Here is the fun look of the lips shoes with the high end looks of the Charlotte Olympia Kiss Me Pumps in the first two pictures and the budget friendly look of Charlotte Russe's Lips Pumps in the last picture.  While these shoes are fun and quirky, I know I wouldn't invest my hard earned dollars on something this trendy.  A lower cost option would be the only way I would try this style.  If you like exploring all your loves in the fashion world, try searching for similar looks in a major retail store.  They generally have all the trends and most importantly they are on budget!

Until next time Loves!


MAC Maleficent Collection

Who else is enjoying the rich and creamy colors of this Disney inspired collection?  Don't raise all your hands at once! My favorite villainous delivers on her wicked good looks for the big screen!  If you want to create or experiment with a very dramatic after watching the movie go find the colors in the collection that compliment your skin tone.  The collection has been out for a little over a month and is selling like hotcakes in my area,  if you're lucky enough to find some items you better snatch them up with the quickness!  

Check my instagram page to see how I used some of these colors for my summer looks.  I will also post some pictures of my makeup collection.  Can you say massive?  Make up done sparingly during the summer, will keep you looking sun kissed and fresh faced!  No one wants to look like a melting ice cream cone!  Until next time Loves!

Rudy Dee: A National Treasure

It seems like all the great and accomplished woman, I have long admired in the creative arts field are leaving this earth in quick succession.   Luckily for us they do not go before sharing their gifts with the world.  Ruby Dee is one of these women she was an activist, actress, poet, playwright and screenwriter.  I first became enamored with after watching A Raisin in the Sun.  Her character Ruth showed so much strength and she could actually pull my eye away from the equally talented Sidney Poitier.  Purlie Victorious was a play I watched with my grandmother that we both enjoyed,  for her to be such a small woman she commanded attention when she walked on stage.  Her character in Do The Right Thing reminded me of my grandmother taking care of the residents on our street.  But none of these aforementioned characters compared to her role as the mom Lucinda, to a drug addicted child in Jungle Fever!  The intense exchanges between her and her husband the Good Reverend Doctor (Ossie Davis) and son Gator (Samuel L. Jackson)  is some of the most compelling scenes I have ever watched on screen!  I could feel the pain, turmoil and anguish she felt over her child's drug addiction!  That was magic right there!  The acting and the writing in Jungle Fever was the absolute best!  Her long career garnered her an Emmy, Grammy, National Medal of Arts, Obie and a Screen Actors Guild for Best Supporting Actress and a Lifetime Achievement Award.  To honor this beautiful woman and accomplished thespian, I will invite the ladies over this weekend and we will watch some of her movies in memoriam!

Until next time Loves!

8 Questions a decorator or stager should ask their potential design clients

I have found that when I meet a new client for the first time, I am filled with anxiety and it feels like I am holding my breath the entire meeting.   I'm so eager to get this new business started and I want to present my best effort from the onset without the anxiety. The cause for my anxiety is even though I am new to the design world I don't want to appear like an amateur in front of potential clients.  Luckily, for me I have only had one disastrous meeting with a potential client and their ideas were all over the place and they didn't have a realistic idea of what things actually cost.  I didn't help the matter any because I didn't gather information about them ahead of time so I could present a better design.  So after speaking with some of my mentors in the business world.  They gave me some solid advice, they told me to gather as much information as I can about the client.  OK, I learned my lesson and did my homework.  So I made a questionnaire that has become a client saver!  My hope is that with this questionnaire clients will have a better concept of what they want and any images they bring are always helpful.  Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are my hands down favorite sites to locate these images.  My goal is to gather as much information from the client beforehand so I can come to them with a design concept that meets their needs, wants and budget.  Try asking yourself these questions if you design or decorate a space in your own home it will help keep you focused.

  1. What are you looking for from this project?
  2. What designs have caught your eye?
  3. What is your budget?  How do you want to spend?
  4. What is your time frame?
  5. Is there anything design-wise I should be made aware of?
  6. Who is the decision maker for the design?
  7. What amount for an item do you consider expensive? inexpensive?
  8. Do you make decisions quickly or do you need time to make decisions?  *agreed time will put in contract*
Until next time Loves!


Sorry Loves, I know I have been MIA but my life was a little crazy the last couple of weeks.  I bought a vehicle to help with my growing business, talk about a tiresome endeavor but I refuse to purchase something I didn't want and go over my set budget!  I will fill you all in with the details later on in the week. Unfortunately,  a family member died last week so we are all coping with the loss.  So you all will still see my posts this week, I just wanted to explain my inconsistency for the last couple of weeks.


I just wanted to post an update showing how I filled all the pots I purchased.  I have been so pleased with the look of my flower bed, garden and patio.  The best part of the whole project is the price!  I purchased about 85% of my flowers from Lowe's and they were on the quick sale rack.  What makes the deal even sweeter was I led there by a wonderful sales associate who I asked for help in purchasing flowers that can withstand this Texas sun.  She recommended several flowers and gave me insight into how they grow.  I planted them and lo and behold it rained over several days!!!  Everything is growing and lush and we have had some wonderful tomatoes to eat.  I am looking forward to planting some kale and arugula to assist me in my juicing efforts and I recently spotted some blueberries in the nursery that I want to try and grow.  Who knew I'm a country girl at heart!

My patio is still my favorite place to be.  I work out there on my laptop in the mornings before it gets too hot and I recently added a solar chandelier and more string lights under the pergola.  It is such a romantic sight at night I just wish it was a tad bit cooler.

My garden is still doing extremely well and right now I am just trying to keep up with the food that is ready to be picked and use it, freeze it or give it away.  I just can not for the life of me, throw food away!

Between my staging jobs, blog and projects around the house I am always busy, but for the first time ever in my adult life I can say I am happy, passionate and content with what I do!  There is no better feeling than truly loving what you do.  Until next time Loves!

Office inspiration

I have been lusting browsing through designs of offices and can not wait to complete mine!  I see great design inspiration everywhere.  Now that my business has been steady picking up, I really do need a completed office.  If I can just combine my office needs with my need for a library that would be the best. I'm planning my floor space now and trying to ensure that all my storage needs are met and than its a race to locate the most feminine pieces I can find and love.  No thinking about the hubster, or his likes or wants in my office.  Wow, to have glass, chrome, animal print or something pink!  All the things my hubby is not fond of.  Oh well, I do know I have a minimal budget but a girl likes to dream BIG!

Until next time Loves!



Forever 21 has introduced t-shirts featuring classic works from the late great Haitian American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.  Basquiat, first arrived on the scene as a graffiti artist with the SAMO group but quickly showed his affinity for Neo-expressionism in his art.  Though his life was brief, his art is still as vibrant and thought provoking as ever.  If you are not familiar with Basquiat, read up on him and his works.  Kudos to Forever 21 for introducing these t-shirts and hopefully more pieces will be added to the line.  I can not wait to wear mine!

Until next time!