The Mondesir Collection
Classic pop culture t-shirts to rock now or this fall.  My personal fave is Slick Rick, who doesn't want to wear a shirt with a one-eyed rapper on it?

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Cafe Pita

Enjoying a delicious lunch with my honey at Cafe Pita in Houston.  Cafe Pita was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri and I made a mental note to check them out on my next visit to Houston, I can honestly say they did not disappoint!  The fried sardines were divine and my honey splashed them with lemon which reminded me of the times when my Dad would prepare smelts the same way.  My honey had the Hadzijski Cevap and I had the Cevap they both were incredibly tender and flavorful.  The chef Omer was kind of enough to take a picture with me and it's on Instagram so check us out!  Our waiter Milan was very attentive and we never had to wait or want for anything! We will indeed be returning here!

Instead of eating the same ole lunch time fare at a fast food joint, go visit a small bistro, cafe or diner the meals are fantastic but the customer service is what's to die for!

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Hardware Clutches

I discovered Mel C, the woman behind Hardware Clutches on social media.  This Jamaican born designer has a page on Instagram that I literally could not stop looking at!   Her designs are colorful and eclectic, its like looking at paintings at an art gallery.  I was surprise to learn that her career started when she posted a DIY online.  That just goes to show you that you never know when an opportunity will present itself, you just have to be ready to grab it! Anyway back to the bags, I have already been itching to trade in my big heavy "mama bags" with some lighter options and these fit the requirements. The vibrant colors, large size and hardware on her clutches make these a instant winner! If your color blocked or monotone outfit is lacking some pizzaz, consider rocking a Hardware Clutch they are a head turner!   Love what you see here? Find the styles below and many more here:

 Hirst Pride *Limited Edition*
Rose Red Messenger

Water Color


Art Moda 1
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Design Inspiration

I would love to be lounging here right now with a cocktail in my hand and pleasant thoughts on my mind!

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Robin Williams

Robin Williams

I grew up watching Robin Williams in Mork & Mindy in the 70"s.  The concept of the show was so silly, an alien is living with a single female in the suburbs of Colorado.  But Robin Williams comedic genius showed through his portrayal of Mork and how he navigated through the different situations presented to him by life on earth.  Who could forget his portrayal of Mrs. Doubtfire, Peter Pan in Hook and the voice of the Genie in Aladdin?  These roles along with his character in Jumanji were movies that my family could and would watch all together.

My favorite role of Robin William was when he appeared on Law & Order SVU season 9 in an episode titled "Authority".  He played an audio engineer named Merritt Rook who mocks the detectives and encourages citizens not to bow to authority figures.  Without giving too much away this is a timely episode filled with a great acting and writing, if you like psychological drama's this is a classic!
picture by Murphy Elliot

Lastly with the death of Robin Williams, I cannot help but reminisce about his role in "What Dreams May Come" about a man dealing with death and the contemplation of suicide by loved ones.  This movie was visually stunning but filled with heavy emotional content.  It has now become a reality none of his fans expected.  Although Robin Williams is no longer with us here on earth, his presence will forever be felt on the big and small screens.  Now I am off to grab my copy of "Dead Poets Society" and some tissues!

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Model Monday!   Check W magazine fashion spread featuring the legendary models Iman, Naomi Campbell and singer Rihanna.  They are wearing designs by Balmain and surprisingly Rihanna is as flawless as the two veterans.  If she ever stops her musical career she may have a future on the runway!

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Enjoying a refreshing Scrogppino out on the patio with my love!  This tasty cocktail comes from Venice, Italy and is the perfect drink to end a hot and steamy night!  It has finally cooled down and we are waiting impatiently for the sun to go down this cocktail will hopefully help me forget this humidity!  

Scrogppino recipe
1 cup of Prosecco
2 Tbsp chilled vodka (I used Grey Goose)
2/3 cup Lemon Sorbet
Couple of springs of chopped fresh mint ( I omitted this in mine)
Pour the Prosecco and vodka in a brandy snifter add a scoop of sorbet, top with chopped mint.  Waa Laa!

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Spectator Pumps

I've been a sucker for a spectator pump for years, I love the new t strap styles and stiletto heels.  Currently I have two pair of spectator shoes taking p residency in my closet, one in navy and ivory and the other pair in navy and white, but I need want a black and white pair.  The Kelsie Dagger heels on the bottom are doable but the Ferragamo heels will remain on the LUST list!

Salvatore Ferragamo

Kelsie Dagger

You will never stand on the sidelines rocking these bad boys!  Check my instagram for a look at my spectator pumps.  Until next time Loves!


Double Pearl Choker
I grew up wearing a standard strand of pearls.  I loved wearing them and I always felt fancy and dainty whenever I put them on.  I do not remember who bought me the pearls, it was either my grandmother or father.  I do remember telling my husband years ago, that we need to buy my daughter a strand of pearls but we never did.  We purchased a ring it its place.  It seems like years ago, girls were given a standard set of jewelry growing up:  diamond stud earrings, monogram locket, pearl necklace and an I.D.  bracelet.  My daughter doesn't wear a lot of jewelry but I do like to get me some trendy pieces to spice up my wardrobe.  The double pearl choker has immediately grabbed my attention.  This is one piece of jewelry that can stand alone, its striking and simple but commands the limelight

Forever 21 Comp for a steal!

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Happy Life

"On Top of Spaghetti"

My Love has been working hard all week and recently stated that he would love some homemade meatballs. I haven't made meatballs in quite a while so, I decided to surprise him with some.  I made them big like my grandma used to do but updated them using ground turkey instead of beef and added ground Italian turkey sausage and panko bread crumbs.  They were so incredibly delicious, moist and flavorful, I cannot figure out why they fell off my monthly menu.


Fresh thyme and parsley also made their way into the meatballs and you can really taste the difference between dry and fresh herbs!  The other plus side to fresh herbs is its visually appealing to look at, they say you eat with your eye's first!

These really need to be sold somewhere!  

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Feeling lighter! Lol!

Whenever I eat a large amount of veggies or fiber I tend to get bloated.  It's so weird that when you eat healthily you can experience some discomfort.   I usually do a cleanse every couple of months, but I am behind now.  My last cleanse was in April, so I just started The Cleaner.  This has been the only detoxifier I have successful used that is quick and easy without unexpected dashes to the loo!   I know, I know...TMI!

                     Until next time!