I can see myself wrapped and tangled in the covers, lying in the middle of this bed!  My design loves are all over the place, I cannot pick one style I favor over another.  If I were single my bedroom would probably look similar to this one.  I would just need to add more pillows!  Unfortunately for me, my husband loves modern design so all I can do is look, lust and....compromise.

Until next time!

Vitagoods Face & Body Cleansing Brush

If you are a fan of the Clarisonic but cannot afford it, you are going to love this reasonably priced but highly effective comp!  Its the Vitagood's Face & Body Cleansing Brush.  The interchangeable heads on this brush helps you get a deep cleansing and reduces the appearance of your pores.  Gentle use of the brush also helps revitalize your complexion by scrubbing away your dull skin.  Having a smooth even complexion provides the perfect canvas for makeup application or go with a bare blemish free face.  Now,I normally use this 3 times a week or after wearing foundation or a tinted moisturizer.  On other days I use my hands or a small facial brush to cleanse my skin.  While using this product I never neglect my neck or decolletage because these areas are also prone to discoloring or can be prone to blemishes.  The absolute best part of this brush is the price!  It's a mere $99, has interchangable heads,comes in 3 colors, black, grey or purple  and you can find it here at

Until next time Loves, get your glow on!



I made some Kool Aid pickles a couple of weeks ago and we finally ate some this weekend.  The taste is strange and somewhat unique, if I had to describe it I would say its briny and sweet.  This Mississippi delicacy crossed my path last year when I went to the market in Dallas and a vendor was selling all varieties of Kool Aid pickles and I tried one and was hooked!  They taste best with brisket or a burger hot off the grill!  Or you could try dicing them and putting them on top of a deviled egg!  If you are looking for a different condiment to sample at your next cookout, give these pickles a try you will be glad you did!

Until next time Loves!

Good night

Had a great day, now it's time to wind down with a glass of Pinot Grigio!

Until next time Loves!

Garden Song

I am beyond pleased with the progress of my little garden.  I can actually see the money I normally spend on tomatoes cut in half!  The biggest benefit is I am not worried about pesticides or any other contaminant on my produce.  I just need a better plan next year for when to start planting the different vegetables. The tomatoes and peppers (jalapeno and serrano) have been growing continuously.  I had so many jalapenos at one time that I had to freeze them.  Some of my tomatoes were split on the vine, so if any of you all know how to solve that problem, please let me know!  It took awhile for the zucchini to grow and the size of them have been inconsistent.  I will have a really large one and some tiny ones in the same batch.  I am still waiting on the squash and okra to grow, but we did experience a really hot spell these last couple of weeks in Texas, so that may have effected my garden.   The herbs took the biggest hit with the heat.  The squash in the last picture is from the grocery store and not from my garden, who knows maybe next year I can grow one!  I will definitely expand my garden next year, I'm already looking at adding cucumber, eggplant and onions.  Some of these veggies will meet the grill tonight so I will post those items on instagram!

Until next time Loves!


I am really loving the designs over at Zuvaa, these bold African prints with contemporary silhouettes have been on my LUV list all season!  Who can resist all these bold and colorful pieces?  I should have been a little taller due to my passion for long skirts.  The pairing of a long full skirt and crop top is on trend but better yet it's a look that a lot of body types can pull off!  The mermaid dress is giving me life and those cigarette pants can be paired with so many tops they can easily be worn right through the fall season.  Have any of you all embraced the tribal look this season or have been rocking this look forever?  Let me know how you rock African fashions!

I am off to the gym Loves, I need to whittle this waist to get into a crop top!  Until next time!

25 ways to use coconut oil

  1. Mix with a tablespoon of chia seeds for an energy boost.
  2. Add a tablespoon to smoothie to boost brain function.
  3. Ingesting a teaspoon daily can help alleviate some symptoms of seasonal allergies.
  4. Massage into joints to relieve arthritic pain or ingest a teaspoon daily to reduce inflammation.
  5. A tablespoon taken before meals can aid in digestion.
  6. Rub inside nostril to help with a dry nose.
  7. Help heal a sunburn by rubbing into affected areas, after initial sting is gone.
  8. Melt a tablespoon into your favorite tea to soothe a sore throat.
  9. Clear up cold sores by applying to infected area.
  10. Remove eye makeup.
  11. Use sparingly at night as a reconstructive moisturizer.
  12. Rub into neck and decolletage to reduce wrinkling.
  13. Rub on chapped lips.
  14. Mix with sugar and use as a body scrub.
  15. Mix coconut oil with jojoba oil for a luxurious body balm.
  16. Smooth on hands to relieve age spots and wrinkles.
  17. Rub into cuticles.
  18. Mix coconut oil with sea salt and rub on feet to smooth dry skin and cracked heels.
  19. Slather on legs and shave and reapply to soothe after shaving.
  20. Rub coconut oil into any dry patch on skin to soothe and soften.
  21. Whiten teeth when used with baking soda.  (see oil pulling post)
  22. Use as a replacement for any recipes calling for vegetable oil.
  23. Rub a small amount into cast iron pan to season.
  24. Use as a deep fry oil.
  25. Can help speed up weight loss when taken daily.

Unrefined virgin coconut oil is the best when you are going to ingest the product.  Sam's club has the best deal on unrefined virgin coconut oil, I suggest going there if you use it regularly.  What I use for my face, body and hair is a brand that I picked up at Whole Foods, I will post a picture of that on Instagram.  I hope this post was informative and I would love to hear how you all use coconut oil so leave me a comment!

Until next time Loves!

You can bow me over!

Bows are one of the hot trends of 2014 and we are seeing them all over shoes not just at the toe.  Here are a couple of my favorite looks!   The yellow shoes are hot but you need some slim legs and ankles to pull those off!  The blue ombre shoes are a DYI posted by a blogger online.  If I remember what site it is I will post a link.  The last pair of shoes are my own,  I purchased these beauties a couple of years ago and have only worn a few times.  I need to get these in my summer rotation of shoes!  I wanted to share a picture of me in my heels but after all the pounding my feet have taken at the gym, the last thing I wanted to do is scare you with a close up of these battered tootsies!

Sonia Rykiel

Christian Louboutin

Boutique 9 *the bow is DYI*

I havent found the designer of these lovelies.

My faves from Betsey Johnson

Until next time Loves!