Bulletproof coffee

Hey Loves, I just wanted to share with you all this recipe for Bulletproof coffee.  One of my Facebook friends posted it and I was immediately fascinated and couldn't wait to try it.  It was love at first sip!

Here's the recipe and let me know how you like it.

I will get with you all later, I'm enjoying my final cup of coffee before, I'm off to tackle that dang nabbit dresser!

Until next time!

Dresser diy

Hey Loves!  I know I have missed you guys this past week.  I have family coming and I'm trying to get my guest rooms ready.  Why oh why, did I decide to take on a diy at the last minute?  Tutorials online seem simpler than real life but I'm going to make it work.

The dresser I decided to redo seemed like a quick fix but it was actually more work than I anticipated.  

The varnish on this piece was slathered on thick! 

I used desander and my regular hand held sander to remove the varnish.  The curves in the dresser were a bit tricky to sand, but I went in with a piece of sand paper to reach those tough areas.  

Some nicks in the piece were filled in with wood glue and sanded.  I made sure to prime the dresser with some Killzs primer.  I'm now waiting on these coats to dry.    After I finish applying my final coats of paint, I will post a completed picture.   Let me get back to the grind, have a good evening Loves!

Until next time!


International designer Kelly Wearstler home line is filled with glamorous luxury finds.  Her items tend to have classic lines with a swanky feel.  The use of brass in her designs can make a piece seem vintage if its distressed or modern if its polished.  Here is a glimpse of my wish list because these items are too rich expensive for my pockets.   I guess I will just spend my time pining over them online or try to find a comparable pieces that are budget friendly.
This little coquette box would look perfect on a coffee table or as a part of vignette on a mantle.

The classic Tulip table receives an instant upgrade with the Carrera marble top and gold leaf base.  This table can be considered an investment piece that you will own for a lifetime.

Imagine this mirror hanging in an entry or hallway over a console table.  It can provide just a hint of glamour in often overlooked spaces.

This sturdy stool is fashionable yet practical.  The back rest insures comfortable seating while the brass finish provides style to any interior space.
Kelly Wearstler designs has had me swooning in recent years I anxiously drool over her designs online.   I'm anxiously crossing my fingers and hoping for a partnership with a major retailer for a more affordable line `a la Target.
Until next time Loves!

Cabin fever cure

This weekend I went to the Tyku Wine Bar and Lounge to listen to a local Spanish band.  The band was ok but the ambiance at Tyku was exceptional.   The mood inside was right, the bartender was knowledgeable and the crowd was friendly and fun.   After two longs weeks under the weather this date night was so needed, and let me just say Tyku really delivered.

I thought I was hot stuff after putting on my make up and fixing my hair.

I wore a classic printed wrap dress that made my waist look "snatched"!  I went for a retro look and felt every bit of 70's fabulousness!

Although Tyku was rocking, my date was cut a bit short because I'm still not functioning at a 100%.  But that little bit of time outdoors was the perfect cure for my spirit and my cabin fever.  

Until next time Loves!

Daylight savings time 2015

Here's a little humor to help you forget you missed an hour of sleep last night.

Yasss!!! Let the sunshine in!


I'm preparing for tomorrow's design and the colors the clients like are too dark.  I will give them some brighter options since Spring is right around the corner.   Bright colors and warmer weather instantly give people a pleasant disposition.  You want to see people happy when they walk into their space.  Hopefully creating a bright room will also lift my spirits.  I'm trying to get back in the swing of things, I have been under the weather since my birthday.

What do you do to lift your spirits?  I shop or decorate.  I need to find some alternatives to those two because I lacked the energy to engage in either one.  Hopefully this burst of energy last
long enough to share some pictures with you all tomorrow.

Until next time Loves!