Dresser diy

Hey Loves!  I know I have missed you guys this past week.  I have family coming and I'm trying to get my guest rooms ready.  Why oh why, did I decide to take on a diy at the last minute?  Tutorials online seem simpler than real life but I'm going to make it work.

The dresser I decided to redo seemed like a quick fix but it was actually more work than I anticipated.  

The varnish on this piece was slathered on thick! 

I used desander and my regular hand held sander to remove the varnish.  The curves in the dresser were a bit tricky to sand, but I went in with a piece of sand paper to reach those tough areas.  

Some nicks in the piece were filled in with wood glue and sanded.  I made sure to prime the dresser with some Killzs primer.  I'm now waiting on these coats to dry.    After I finish applying my final coats of paint, I will post a completed picture.   Let me get back to the grind, have a good evening Loves!

Until next time!

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