I hope everyone's Friday is going well. As far me I am a bit tired already.  I lifted weights this morning and did stretches in the sauna.  I'm still working on eating more small meals but my eating habits have been clean.  I'm pushing myself with the workouts and I can feel and see the difference in my body.  But I must admit I'm feeling my age. My recovery time between workouts is still sluggish but I will continue to press on. On another note, I got a call about staging a home so there is no rest for the weary.  So after downing a protein shake, salad and showering, I just had enough
time to put on turban to cover my damp hair!  After slipping on a jumpsuit, flats and a little throw I'm ready to make things happen.  

Well I'm off, wish me luck!  Until next time Loves!

Design Inspiration

I'm loving the use of gray tones in home interiors. The color of this bedroom puts me in a relaxed mood. The gray and cream works perfectly together to create a tranquil space that will appeal to both men and women.  I so need that settee in the corner and chandelier above the bed!  If I could only get my hubby to give up the ceiling fan in the bedroom...nah but a girl can dream.  I'm itching to change my bedroom colors but I don't like to paint! Oh well, I better enjoy what I have because I'm so fickle I will change my mind by next week!

Until next time Loves!

Stocking up at Sephora

Its no secret that I love makeup and I have lots of it! But I do like to have a natural looking glow. I went to get my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer but my tan from this past summer did not fade  much. The change in my pigmentation required me to get some new colors. There were no colors to match the darker me in the Laura Mercier line.  The darker the color in that line the redder the undertones. Unfortunately for me my undertone is yellow, so I struggled to find something that I liked in a light finish in many products.  A sales associate who saw me struggling to search through the different lines offered to help me. The makeup artist tried to persuade me to get items that provided  a heavier coverage than I need.  I don't have any blemishes or scarring and I only have mild hyperpigmentation on my chin.  So, I do have a working knowledge of the types of coverage and mediums to use for my skin.  What I did not know and the makeup artist hipped me to is how many items are on the shelves now with my favorite skincare ingredient "peptides'.  After putting my skin type and coloring into the computer the items that matched popped up on the screen.   Aah technology is my friend, this process made shopping so much easier.  After trying on several items I finally settled on

1.  Cover/ FX- a Paraben, Fragrance, Mineral Oil, Talc and Gluten free foundation.  This vegan item has a light weight feel and creamy texture with no dull or ashy finish.  I am happy with this foundation and I'm so glad I listened to the makeup artist recommendation and got out my comfort zone.

2.  Urban Decay Naked Palette-  All I can say about this palette is "I love it!" After putting off purchasing this palette for so long because I already own  numerous palettes.  I cannot believe how much I use it. The colors fit my golden skin tone perfectly and the velvety texture glide right over your skin.  The colors can work with a variety of skin tones and are vibrant and long wearing. An added bonus is the shadows never creased with a primer or without.  My go to colors in this palette are Buck, Darkhorse, Halfbaked and Smog.

3.   Tarte Best in Faux lash extending fibers and Lights, Camera, Lashes 4 in 1 mascara-  So my two brother's are the recipients of the long lashes award in the family. My short sparse lashes were not in the running.  To make my peepers more noticeable I have been using the Best In Faux lash fibers along with the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara.  You use the fibers first and then follow up with two coats of mascara.  The downside to the fibers is if you apply it too close to your lash line it can irritate your eyes.  These products have not made my lashes any longer, but they are more noticeable and look fuller. 

4.  Beauty blender/ Blendercleanser- Normally I use a brush to apply my foundation or tinted moisturizer but this little blender gets all those hard to reach areas easily. The foundation  goes on with even coverage and no brush strokes.  The hair and jaw lines can also blend seamlessly to achieve a flawless finish. The final plus of this tool is its tiny size, it fits perfectly in my small hand. The blendercleanser is not only hygienic but has save me time and money.  When I used my cosmetic brushes to apply my liquid makeup I was washing them every week.  The wear and tear from the constant washing caused me to replace them often.

*Disregard the Tightline mascara primer in the photo below. A review for this Ulta product is coming soon*

Well I'm done with blogging for the day and I'm ready to play in my makeup.  I guess you can go back to your childhood, up next... dress up!

Until next time Loves!

Z Gallerie accessory shopping

The best part of my job as a home stager is shopping for home accessories. I'm a natural born shopper and what better way to shop then with someone else's money? My go to place for fashionable and stylish items for the home is Z Gallerie. If you are looking to add an usual or trendy piece to your home they have wall to wall options at all price points. Finding new ways to set my table is another benefit of shopping here. Their tablescapes tend to be over the top and extravagant. Every once in awhile I will try my hand at incorporating one of their outlandish tablescapes into a doable look for my own home.

These plume feathers in the extra tall vases can actually work. They are tall enough not to obstruct the view from across the table.

Multiple vases in different metallic finishes are used as a centerpiece.

Using three vases instead of one creates instant drama in this table setting.

Selecting a smaller centerpiece for a petite table would be my choice but, having one tall slim vase can also be visually pleasing.


These chandeliers are a classically shaped but the finish an colors keep them fresh.

I'm having a moment with this nautical chandelier, every time I see it I want it, but I do not have a place for it.  Anyone looking to give their home a coastal feel without filling your home with theme-ish items this chandelier would work.

An open pendant would not take up any space visually and this update can work in contemporary and traditional homes.

This small cabinet would be perfect in an entryway.

This silver sequoia console may find its way into my own home. I've had my eye on it for quite sometime.  

Mirror furniture pieces are always chic and having them in small doses add the most bang for your buck.


There is so much to choose from when I visit Z Gallerie that it can become overwhelming to look at so many pieces. To make the process easier, I make sure to take a camera with me and snap pictures of the items that caught my eye.  I often use these images when speaking with clients about adding them to their décor. I hope these pictures and recommendations inspired you to add a little glam to your home. Now that I shared one of my happy places with you all, you guys have to give me all the details on... Where are some of your favorite places to accessory shop? What has been your biggest find? If money was not a factor where would you shop to decorate your home? I have lots of questions but YOU have the answers. Come on and share your best scores with me! Until next time Loves!

My daughter knows me!

My daughter surprised me today with an early Valentines Day gift. One of my favorite gifts of all time...SHOES...glorious... SHOES! That's my girl! I cannot wait to take these bad boys out on the town!

Have a goodnight Loves, I know I will.

Winter Blues

With all this chilly weather we've been having, I'm a tad bit gloomy and longing for some warmer days. Although I'm a native Ohioan, I am fully acclimated to this Central Texas weather and WE Texans are not accustomed to this drop in temperature! Seven or more consecutive cold days is considered a winter storm! I miss seeing the color green.  I cannot wait until things start growing again and I can go outside and get my full dose of vitamin D! But I'm just going to grin and grit my teeth and get through these wintry days. Until the sunshine touches my freckles once more, I will just enjoy these happy outdoor images, I hope you guys like them too!

Until next time Loves!


I have been making a lot of meatless meals this last year and this soup made its way on my menu. It is so filling and delicious and feels you up and you don't miss the meat. You know there is a heaviness associated with a piece of meat in a meal. But by adding beans it gave it texture and the vegetable broth provided another level of flavor.

The best part of this soup is I used all the veggies I already had on hand. 
I didn't use a recipe I just threw everything in a pot and it all work.

The yucca was a good substitute for potatoes and the fresh parsley on top married all the ingredients together.  Try your hand at making more meat free meals at home, your family may give you some resistance but after they see how flavorful they are they will become a welcome menu option.

Until next time Loves!

It's a wrap!

Am I the only person still putting away Christmas decorations? When I pulled out my Christmas tubs from storage, I immediately felt overwhelmed...I have a LOT of STUFF! I didn't decorate every room like I use to back in the day and only used a quarter of the items I own. Being an empty nester I made the decision to divide the bulk of my decorations between my two children. They liked the idea because they already have memories attached to many items already. If I had this idea earlier I could have been finished with clearing my house out.

Well let me end this blog post so I get back to these decorations....ugh!

Until next time Loves!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my loyal readers, I hope your holidays were joyful and filled with love! I cannot wait to share with you all the lovely blogs, shops and products I found in recent months.  So enjoy your last few days off and let's get it started next week!

Until next time Loves!