I hope everyone's Friday is going well. As far me I am a bit tired already.  I lifted weights this morning and did stretches in the sauna.  I'm still working on eating more small meals but my eating habits have been clean.  I'm pushing myself with the workouts and I can feel and see the difference in my body.  But I must admit I'm feeling my age. My recovery time between workouts is still sluggish but I will continue to press on. On another note, I got a call about staging a home so there is no rest for the weary.  So after downing a protein shake, salad and showering, I just had enough
time to put on turban to cover my damp hair!  After slipping on a jumpsuit, flats and a little throw I'm ready to make things happen.  

Well I'm off, wish me luck!  Until next time Loves!

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