Cocktail Time

My weekend is starting off on a good note!  So I'm out shopping for accessories for a staging project next week and I get sidetracked by the words SALE!  So I am slowing down and head into the...wait for it...liquor store! Honey, let me say this is the best sale I have seen in the area in a long time!  I usually head to Dallas to purchase spirits for my bar but a lot of my favorites were on sale.

Cachaca - makes an excellent Caipirinha (Brazilian cocktail)

Pimm's-  make the classic Pimm cocktail using Pimm, ginger ale and a twist of lemon

Tequila- Margarita's and Shots

I wasn't planning on entertaining this weekend but hey, I got the Margarita's!

Until next time!

Baby Foot

My Baby Foot exfoliant foot peel has finally arrived in the mail!  I am so ready to get these tootsies together, can you say Hammer Time?  The peeling stage takes up to a week to get the full benefit of the softening process.  So I hope my love can bear watching my Barney Rubble's move about the house.  If you want to get your tootsies started with me, I ordered my Baby Foot from BeautySage but you can also check with Amazon for ordering information.  I will keep you all posted via Instagram but its not going to be pretty!

Until next time!

Sectional options

So I am on the hunt for a sectional for my new home, I tried unsuccessfully for almost a year to make my old furniture work in my new space...It's just not working!  I'm still trying to see how I will use the space.  I do like having guests in my home and I have plenty of parties but, my home is not really a kid friendly but an adult entertaining space.   I don't want people to think they cant sit and relax on my furniture but I do want them to treat it nice.  I'm still exploring my options...decisions...decisions.

Until next time!


Hey loves, here is a post about that patio of mine I'm constantly changing.  I know I may have previously posted on my Facebook page about the patio but some things have been added that is making me love the space even more.  So last week I found the wall art from Z Gallerie and I have now incorporated that into the design.  Also, the Meyer lemon tree I have been searching for since the beginning of the year has been found, thank you very much Home Depot!  I am still tweaking the patio however and every time I sit out there I think of more improvements.   I am now looking for privacy screens or shades so I can enjoy sitting outside for a longer period of time without the sun shining in my eyes or the eyes of my neighbors beaming on me!


Until next time!

Happy Birthday to me!

I am feeling extremely blessed today.  I hope you enjoyed your Sunday as much as I did mine.
Until next time!

La Ta Korea

I am in heaven right now!  Let me tell you, I have heard about this food truck the La Ta Korea from a couple of ladies in my Zumba class.  I was determined to try them when they came to my area and I even set a reminder on my phone.  Now why I don't profess to be a food snob I have eaten at many restaurants across Texas, the states and even Europe and this foods ranks up high with some of my favorites.  I would describe their food as Asian fusion and it was so incredibly delicious, filling and me being a person who can be unbelievably picky was satisfied. The owner Akira and Jose were professional and nice.  They even paused for a quick picture for my blog now how nice is that?  If your are in the Harker Heights area and are looking for a change from your regular meals go visit the guys at La Ta Korea they will be there until 4pm today.

 Jose' and the owner Akira

Until next time!

Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto is the latest designer to pair up with Target and bring their high end fashions to the budget conscious fashionista.  I excitedly made my way to Target to see what designs they had in the store before the cyber super shoppers purchased everything to re sell on eBay.  Lo and behold they had a vast variety in my store, in all sizes there was even an abundance for my curvy frame.  Here's a quick look at his designs on Kerry Washington.
The designs for Target that attracted me to his line.

What I found in the store...

This is how I made it work for moi!

The end result is that I love the vibrant colors and how the bold prints are balanced with the black. 
Until next time!

Jamaican inspired dishes

I have had some cooking and menu challenges lately.  I have been bored with my meals and it seemed as I was cooking the same thing over and over.  If an effort to switch things up, I thought of the dishes I prepare that my family loves and my chicken curry is a big favorite.  So I decided to replace the chicken with fish and my fish curry is created.  I also decided to make a goat stew to stretch out our meals during the week.

The prep time was quick and both dishes were prepared in an hour.  Well the curry actually took 30 minutes and the goat stew cooked for an hour.

Bob Marley and Buju Banton played on as I cooked my ode to the delicious Jamaican dishes I so love!

These dishes were so mouth watering delicious!  My husband kept saying you can sell this...this is so good.  Keep pouring on the flattery honey, he's just trying to keep me cooking.

How do you keep your meals inspiring?  I try to plan a menu and add seasonal ingredients to keep our dishes fresh and delicious!  Until next time!


I hope you all had a great weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed mine.  I did a whole LOT of window shopping this weekend!   I take immense pleasure in browsing as well as making purchases, but it's still nice to come home with a few bags.  I can stay in stores like Z Gallerie, Anthropologie and Crate & Barrel for hours on end and I really like how the visual merchandising is set up in each store.  I get a TON of my design inspirations from these stores as well as numerous websites and magazines.  While browsing the accessories in Z Gallerie I walked past this wall art and fell in love lust, you can put tea lights in the back of this an illuminate the whole thing. It's such a striking piece to add to my décor.  I am still undecided on where I will eventually place this in my home but, here is a picture to get idea of what I'm talking about.  I am so loving this piece and cant wait to design a room around it!  What item in your home have you designed an entire room around?

Until next time!

Happy Valentines Day

My love said get dressed and I happily rushed and waited for him out on the patio.  He wanted to take a quick picture of me before we started on our weekend plans and our lab Stormy insisted on joining me!

Happy Valentines Day, I hope you are spending the day/weekend with your loved one(s)!  Until next time!

Children's Gallery Wall

I have been working on the kid's guestroom for a couple of days now.  The weather has been crazy these last few days so I'm trying to get some indoor projects out the way since its so cold outside.  Why do children have so many toys?  I never had a lot of toys growing up I preferred puzzles over toys anyway.  So I am still going through toys to keep, donate and throw away.  The only thing I was able to accomplish today was the gallery wall.  Each picture on the wall represents something that is meaningful to our family.  The picture of the two boys remind of my husband and his older brother.  The dog pictures look like my two pups that passed a couple of years ago. The little boy by himself is how I envisioned my hubby looking as a small child.  The little girl with the raincoat looks like my daughter when she was younger and the little boy hugging his father looks so much like my son its startling.  Its funny how emotional I got just putting these pictures up they bring back so many wonderful memories.  Well I am off to the next project after tweaking the placement of the pictures.  What project or design have you created that stirred up great memories for you?  If you like this posts or others?  I would love to hear from you!  Make sure to follow me below.
                                                                     Until next time!


Been thinking about my auntie a lot lately. So I decided to do a quick post on my favorite items I received from my Aunt Joan.  Her brass bangles were always dangling on her wrist when I grew up, a multitude of rings were on her fingers and I lost count on how many earring piercings she had.  Mind you she wore all these items at the same time and was our neighborhood gypsy.  She never met anyone she didn't like and was always ready to share your jokes, fears or tears.  My Aunt Joan left us last January but her spirit lives on in the heart of her family.

                                                               Until next time!

Winter sunshine

This weather in Texas is just crazy!  72 degrees today and it was so cold yesterday.  I'm just going to sit back and kick my feet up and enjoy this sunny Sunday.  Tomorrow freezing rain is in the forecast...gotta love Texas!

                                                                        Until next time!

I have been a long time fan of Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B fashion line.  I first fell in love with her shoes because my foot is a tad wide and her shoes actually fit me comfortably. I then moved along to her purses they are some real beauties that come in a range of colors.   Never one to follow too many trends her purses speak to me, I always like having something different from everybody else.  I'm still undecided which pair of shoes I will purchase this season.  I wish I could have them all...but the way my account is set up (Kevin Hart joke) I can only get one pair!  If you like what you see from her 2014 collection, you can purchase items here:

Skylar Leather and Mesh Heel

Bevin Striped Satchel
Sandy Pointed Toe Mesh Pump

Until next time!

Year of the Horse

Giddy up lovelies its the year of the horse.  People born under the sign of the horse are known to be authoritative and have no problems taking leadership roles.  So saddle up and put some equestrian style in your home and wardrobe!

Until next time!