Children's Gallery Wall

I have been working on the kid's guestroom for a couple of days now.  The weather has been crazy these last few days so I'm trying to get some indoor projects out the way since its so cold outside.  Why do children have so many toys?  I never had a lot of toys growing up I preferred puzzles over toys anyway.  So I am still going through toys to keep, donate and throw away.  The only thing I was able to accomplish today was the gallery wall.  Each picture on the wall represents something that is meaningful to our family.  The picture of the two boys remind of my husband and his older brother.  The dog pictures look like my two pups that passed a couple of years ago. The little boy by himself is how I envisioned my hubby looking as a small child.  The little girl with the raincoat looks like my daughter when she was younger and the little boy hugging his father looks so much like my son its startling.  Its funny how emotional I got just putting these pictures up they bring back so many wonderful memories.  Well I am off to the next project after tweaking the placement of the pictures.  What project or design have you created that stirred up great memories for you?  If you like this posts or others?  I would love to hear from you!  Make sure to follow me below.
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