Jamaican inspired dishes

I have had some cooking and menu challenges lately.  I have been bored with my meals and it seemed as I was cooking the same thing over and over.  If an effort to switch things up, I thought of the dishes I prepare that my family loves and my chicken curry is a big favorite.  So I decided to replace the chicken with fish and my fish curry is created.  I also decided to make a goat stew to stretch out our meals during the week.

The prep time was quick and both dishes were prepared in an hour.  Well the curry actually took 30 minutes and the goat stew cooked for an hour.

Bob Marley and Buju Banton played on as I cooked my ode to the delicious Jamaican dishes I so love!

These dishes were so mouth watering delicious!  My husband kept saying you can sell this...this is so good.  Keep pouring on the flattery honey, he's just trying to keep me cooking.

How do you keep your meals inspiring?  I try to plan a menu and add seasonal ingredients to keep our dishes fresh and delicious!  Until next time!

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