Low carb cabbage and Italian sausage

Hey loves, this is a really late post but...this new workout schedule has me exhausted at the end of the day. But I won't complain I'm happy.  I have amped up my exercises and increased my time in the gym, so I'm pretty pleased with that part of my routine.  My meal preps have been ho hum and I cannot bare to look at another salad or chicken breast. My solution...cabbage and turkey.  From the kitchen of yours truly, Sautéed Italian sausage and cabbage. This dish is so simple, I sautéed some cabbage, carrots,  pearl onions with a mix of Italian turkey sausage and ground turkey.  My favorite seasonings competed this meal and it was delicious.  I'm already planning to eat some for leftovers tomorrow and freeze the rest in single serving size containers. The best part of this meal is its low carb! Whoot whoot! This low carb diet is a struggle for a rice and pasta loving girl but, I will continue to create more recipes that have fewer carbs.  If any of you have some great low carb recipes, help a sister out!

Enjoy your night, I know I will. Until next time!

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