Coconut Chicken n Shrimp Cappelini

Between the frigid weather and my comprised health, this week has not been the best.  Today is the first time I have moved about freely with minimal effort.  My hubster is stuck in another state due to adverse weather conditions.  The condition that I speak of is snow.  This snow that has decided to grace us with its presence late in winter and is hitting a lot of the southern states.   So now I'm  hungry and a tad bit irritable, because I don't want to go out in the cold to grab some fast food.  After rummaging through my deep freezer, I found  a few boneless chicken breast and a bag of shrimp, I recently purchased from Trader Joe's.  My next stop is the refrigerator to see what I have on hand to make a complete meal.

Ok the bell peppers, onion and tomatoes will work.  The crushed garlic, coconut water and heavy cream will help me put a sauce together.

l always like to dice everything up before I start cooking.  I do need some better knives these are getting dull and that's not safe.

A quick sauté of the chicken and believe it or not the meal is near completion.  While the chicken cooks boil water for the Cappelini pasta.


Remove the chicken from the pan and let rest.  The blurry picture below shows a quick sauté of the onions, garlic, bell pepper and tomatoes.  Cube the chicken and return to pan.  Boil pasta for 2 min. Yep, you read that right you only need 2 minutes!  Drain the pasta promptly.

Add the shrimp and cook quickly and they should look like the letter C.  Add tumeric, ginger, salt and pepper to taste taste.  Add coconut water I used about 6 ounces and I used 1/4 cup of heavy cream to taste.  

Toss in the pasta and Voilà you have and island inspired pasta dish!  A Mama Lee's original recipe.  If you try the recipe let me know how it turned out.                                         

Here's a quick photo of the finished dish, and I made a sparkling ginger beer cocktail to round out my meal.  A home cooked meal beats fast food any day. 

Enjoy your Saturday Loves!

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