New start update

Hey Loves in my recent posts, I have mentioned my workouts and/ or meal supplements so, I wanted to give you guys a real look at me and my protein shake.  Mind you, this is not the finished product of my body makeover, but I'm a work in progress.  Coming from a family of obese an inactive individuals, I have always worked hard at keeping the pounds at bay.  I must admit I have slacked off with my eating habits in recent months but, I am committed to make a real lifestyle change.  Some of my biggest challenges involve not eating regularly.  I sometimes go for more than 3 hrs without eating and   if you want your metabolism to work you need frequent mini meals.  To combat this problem I have set a timer.   I'm also on a quest to quell these carbohydrates cravings.  As far as my workouts,  I have added weight training, boxing and power hoop to my regular routine.  These added sessions are producing real changes in my body.  So far I'm happy with my results but I do need to boost my energy level. 
I hope this post encourages anyone that thinks they are too old, too fat, to out of shape to workout, to push those negative thoughts aside and just get MOVING!!!

Until next time Loves!

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