Phat Tuesday

As you guys already know, I am on a journey to a healthier lifestyle so instead of celebrating Fat Tuesday partying at the bar, I partied with the ladies at the gym.  I had a blast working out!  The energy was so high in my Zumba class I could've danced all night!   We rocked the beads, masks and crown in honor of Fat Tuesday.  My only complaint is my pants started slipping down!!! The horror!!! I was constantly grabbing and tugging at my pants, but I didn't want to stop dancing and change.  Yeah I was trying to be a Disco Diva in class instead of worrying about my pants.  I wish I could say I had this big drop in weight that made my pants fall down.  But no...I have had a gradual loss in weight.  My waist always shrinks first and my rear has been fighting my efforts mightily!  Never underestimate the power of the booty!  And with that said you Loves have a goodnight, I'm off to soak these ol bones.

Until next time!

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