Garden Song

I am beyond pleased with the progress of my little garden.  I can actually see the money I normally spend on tomatoes cut in half!  The biggest benefit is I am not worried about pesticides or any other contaminant on my produce.  I just need a better plan next year for when to start planting the different vegetables. The tomatoes and peppers (jalapeno and serrano) have been growing continuously.  I had so many jalapenos at one time that I had to freeze them.  Some of my tomatoes were split on the vine, so if any of you all know how to solve that problem, please let me know!  It took awhile for the zucchini to grow and the size of them have been inconsistent.  I will have a really large one and some tiny ones in the same batch.  I am still waiting on the squash and okra to grow, but we did experience a really hot spell these last couple of weeks in Texas, so that may have effected my garden.   The herbs took the biggest hit with the heat.  The squash in the last picture is from the grocery store and not from my garden, who knows maybe next year I can grow one!  I will definitely expand my garden next year, I'm already looking at adding cucumber, eggplant and onions.  Some of these veggies will meet the grill tonight so I will post those items on instagram!

Until next time Loves!

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