Double Pearl Choker
I grew up wearing a standard strand of pearls.  I loved wearing them and I always felt fancy and dainty whenever I put them on.  I do not remember who bought me the pearls, it was either my grandmother or father.  I do remember telling my husband years ago, that we need to buy my daughter a strand of pearls but we never did.  We purchased a ring it its place.  It seems like years ago, girls were given a standard set of jewelry growing up:  diamond stud earrings, monogram locket, pearl necklace and an I.D.  bracelet.  My daughter doesn't wear a lot of jewelry but I do like to get me some trendy pieces to spice up my wardrobe.  The double pearl choker has immediately grabbed my attention.  This is one piece of jewelry that can stand alone, its striking and simple but commands the limelight

Forever 21 Comp for a steal!

Until next time Loves!

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