Pamela Love Jewelry

If you like jewelry in any shape or form, let me see your hands!  If you are looking for ordinary and/ or unassuming looks you need to go somewhere else, because the big bang designs of Pamela Love is here to stay!  This relatively new line of jewelry by Brooklyn designer Pamela Love started in 2006.  This jewelry is absolutely breath taking!  Who can believe these stunning pieces are made from mostly recycled metals? The semi precious stones are said to be ethically sourced and remind me of the bohemian vibe of pieces my aunt Joan rocked in the 70's.  This jewelry is not for wall flowers, it's for people who want to be seen!  Like these looks?  Cop them here:

 My all time favorite is this grey diamond solitaire, what a wonderful alternative to the traditional wedding ring bauble!

I hoped you loved these looks as much as I did, until next time Loves!

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