Sorry Loves, I know I have been MIA but my life was a little crazy the last couple of weeks.  I bought a vehicle to help with my growing business, talk about a tiresome endeavor but I refuse to purchase something I didn't want and go over my set budget!  I will fill you all in with the details later on in the week. Unfortunately,  a family member died last week so we are all coping with the loss.  So you all will still see my posts this week, I just wanted to explain my inconsistency for the last couple of weeks.


I just wanted to post an update showing how I filled all the pots I purchased.  I have been so pleased with the look of my flower bed, garden and patio.  The best part of the whole project is the price!  I purchased about 85% of my flowers from Lowe's and they were on the quick sale rack.  What makes the deal even sweeter was I led there by a wonderful sales associate who I asked for help in purchasing flowers that can withstand this Texas sun.  She recommended several flowers and gave me insight into how they grow.  I planted them and lo and behold it rained over several days!!!  Everything is growing and lush and we have had some wonderful tomatoes to eat.  I am looking forward to planting some kale and arugula to assist me in my juicing efforts and I recently spotted some blueberries in the nursery that I want to try and grow.  Who knew I'm a country girl at heart!

My patio is still my favorite place to be.  I work out there on my laptop in the mornings before it gets too hot and I recently added a solar chandelier and more string lights under the pergola.  It is such a romantic sight at night I just wish it was a tad bit cooler.

My garden is still doing extremely well and right now I am just trying to keep up with the food that is ready to be picked and use it, freeze it or give it away.  I just can not for the life of me, throw food away!

Between my staging jobs, blog and projects around the house I am always busy, but for the first time ever in my adult life I can say I am happy, passionate and content with what I do!  There is no better feeling than truly loving what you do.  Until next time Loves!

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