It's so easy being green

I wanted to share the progress of my garden with you all.  There have been some changes starting with the garden itself.  I had to remove some of my food from containers to a garden bed since they were growing so well.  Since, I would be working on and in the garden by myself,  I decide to make one using cinder blocks. I got this idea from the community garden in my area and I must say, I am very pleased the total cost to erect this structure was a mere $25.00! You can not beat that!  All the openings along the top of the cider block can be filled with herbs.  The possibilities for this type of garden bed is endless and will not put a strain on your pocketbook.  "Do people say pocketbook anymore?  Oh well, it will not strain your wallet!  The jalapeno pepper and some of my tomatoes are ripening like the Roma's and.....I can not for the life of me remember the name of the other variety!   I must be in the early stages of "oldtimer's" anyways, my Heirloom, Celebrity and Cherry tomatoes are not ready yet.  The squash, peppers and all the herbs are doing extremely well.  Clipping the Rosemary weekly has become a chore, that thing is a beast!  My Meyer lemon tree has struggled a bit due to the extreme weather changes but, I see new leaves every week.  As the items in the garden ripen I will use them in recipes and share them with you!

Starting a garden was easier than I initially thought, but in the words of one of my favorite comedians Martin Lawrence, "ain't nothin to it but to do it!"  Until next time Loves!

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