The Doux
 As a fairly new user of Instagram, I became quickly enamored with the access to all these creative and talented people at my finger tips!  And The Doux did not disappoint my thirst for all things fly!  This is how it went down.  After posting a picture on IG a person I was unfamiliar with stated they liked my photo and I clicked on the user to see who it was and that turned into a hour long love fest looking at the page and website!  I looked and lusted over the products and items at The Doux, for two days .  These hot hair care products and accessories are in one hip hop inspired word DOPE!  

The Doux is the brain child of military spouse and natural hairstylist Mya Smith.  This LA based stylist who  took her talents to Kaiserlautern, Germany with her military spouse will soon be bringing her style, flavor and love of all things Hip Hop back to the States! Her haircare products are currently unavailable due to the move but I will keep you posted on their availability.  The packaging is what immediately grabs my attention, I would even leave these "dare I say? out on my counter."

 Her Doux RAG line with its eclectic mix of hip hop themes, street style and a retro flavor are all that and a  bag of chips!   Check the funky names of each doux rag.  I can not wait until her site and products are available so I can share them with you all, so I will just drool for now and work on my rhymes!

Bonita Big Faces

 Talking Junk

Like it Rawr

Lipstick Assasin
Ice Grillin

Until next time, PEACE!

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