Tyku Wine Bar and Lounge

This has been such a busy and productive week for me personally and professionally.  I cannot wait to put the finishing touches on some projects I have been working on, so I can share them with you all.  I have never been more ready for a weekend than this week!  My body and my brain is tired and I am running on empty.  So, if you are like me and need to find some place to unwind this weekend, I highly recommend the Tyku Wine Bar and Lounge.  It is a beautiful place to unwind and have a sip of vino and listen to some great music by the band FATSAUCE!  Yes the name is FATSAUCE!  

Now back to Tyku, this new hot spot is located in a partially renovated downtown Killeen.  The revitalization that is being done downtown is great and sorely needed and I look forward to more businesses coming to the area that cater to a mature crowd.  Tyku fills the need for people 25 yrs and up who are looking for a classy place to sip and unwind.  The decor is Asian inspired and the area where the band plays is cozy and intimate.  There is a courtyard and a convenient rotation of food trucks in the back,  for all you that need to grab a nibble.  The VIP area upstairs is nice and plush and can be rented out for private parties.

My only complaint with Tyku is they call themselves a wine bar and I have yet to meet anyone on their staff who is knowledgeable about the different types of wine and/or food pairings.  But hey, that's a small thing considering you do have a generous selection of wine to choose from.  Beer and spirits are also available for those of you who do not drink wine.  I don't know who you strange people are but hey, they have something for everybody!

Now back to the band FATSAUCE who play at Tyku.   I was pleasantly surprised with the band who have a wide repertoire of music from classic R&B to current hits.  Also since I am a tried and true hip hop fan I have to get props to the band member who did Jay Z's rap from the hit "Empire State of Mind" when he started I was giving him the side eye but he killed it!  At last, at last,  a place for grown folks to listen to live music in the area, I will most definitely be a regular here!

Until next time!

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