The web has been flooded with images from Solange's wedding, and I along with everyone one else just let my mouth hang open after gasping at the beautiful pictures!

This pre-wedding dress is just divine and the bag and shoes add just the right touch of bling to the monochromatic look.

 New Orleans has the perfect architecture for a wedding, all the buildings provide the perfect back drop for a stunning portrait.
Riding a bike to your ceremony adds a vintage appeal and adds to the effortless style of the wedding.

How boring to see the same boring wedding portraits time after time, but these give me life!  The pictures are out the box and create a vintage imagery that I cannot stop looking at! 

This is a picture I would love to capture for myself, gazing at family and friends who are blessing your union.  I feel the love from my family and friends, but to have a photo that you can look at is priceless.

Just another stylish ensemble to end her wedding weekend, Solange rocks a one leg jumpsuit!  Where they do that at?  In New Orleans and they did it well! 

Until next time Loves!

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