Candy Corn Cocktail

So...I made my candy corn infused vodka cocktail last night and it was a big hit as always.  Being an avid vodka drinker, you will see me post numerous vodka recipes and this is one of the easiest and a crowd favorite.

1 750 ml bottle of vodka
3/4 cup of candy corn

Place candy corn in a bottle and top with vodka. I let this mixture steep a minimum of 4 hours.  The vodka is sweet, syrupy and potent!  Remember this is straight vodka, you can use as is, in a shot or make a cocktail. I like to pour some over a couple of candy corn candies and top with pineapple juice or apple cider to counter the heat from the vodka. Remember vodka is tasteless but you can definitely feel the heat!  If you like bubbles you can always add a sparkling water to the vodka and juice mixture to add some efferversence.  Sit backand enjoy your Halloween everyday in a 

Until next time Loves!

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