I'm stuffed!

This Thanksgiving holiday was almost a blur for me, due to my frenzied time in the kitchen. My hubby wanted to eat earlier than we did last year. Last year dinner was served at 4pm, This year we moved our meal to 2pm. I'm the only cook in the house and I was completely and utterly WORN OUT! A favorite dish of my family is my cornbread dressing made with peppers, it's sweet, savory and this dressing paired with my turkey gravy is divine!

A couple of years ago my hubby/ sous chef purchased me a chopper and that small gadget has taken so much time and effort off of my prep time. My favorite kitchen item is under $10!

The cornbread is made a couple of days in advance and is spongy and sweet.

I made this dish larger than I would need for Thanksgiving so I would have extra for Sunday dinners in December. I'm am really trying to do more pre planning so I can enjoy my friends and family this holiday season instead of being stuck in the kitchen cooking. I hope your holidays were good now, I'm off to start decorating my home for Christmas!

Until next time Loves!

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