Sofa Mart makeover

So excited to finally show you all the design I did at Sofa Mart awhile back!  Opportunities like these don’t happen every day and I am truly blessed and thankful for the chance to show my designs to the public.  A big hug and thank you is being sent to Micah the manager of Sofa Mart here in Harker Heights, TX.  He is truly the best!  When I strolled in the store a few months back like I always do, Micah and I started talking and I expressed my desire to start my own business.   He immediately gave me encouraging words and told me if there was anything he could do to help to please let him know.  Well Micah…I would really like to style an area in the store so customers can get an idea of the different ways you can decorate with a piece from Sofa Mart.  After getting approval from their corporate office here is my design.  Waaa Laa!

And without further ado...

If you are in the market for big ticket item like a sofa please do not hesitate to see the good people at Sofa Mart.  Unsure of how to incorporate the sofa you want into your décor and your in the Harker Heights area send me an email, I would love to help!
Micah and I



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