Why blog?

Last year I decided to walk on faith and pursue my dream of starting my own business and begin a blog.  This journey has been interesting and filled with many ups and downs.  Thankfully there have been more ups then downs.  But with that said, I do know this...everyone will not support your dreams and that's okay.  But I will continue to push and strive for what I want!  The biggest reason for me to change from a reader of blogs to an author of one is this; all the bloggers I once enjoyed were becoming similar in style and content.   I noticed the topics were the same and I could not relate to a lot of them like I once did.  Did the bloggers change or was it me?  It was a little of both.   The change for me in the fashion blogs  was now they only talked about designer fashions and the makeup blogs centered on various high end cosmetics lines!  I think there wasn’t a shift in the blogger’s post there was a shift in my perspective.  When I was working full time I didn’t give a real thought to the cost of an item. After buying my house last year, moving and starting a new career, my overindulgence in shoes and clothing were revealed and abruptly stalled!  The horror! At first, there was a sad longing to be out in the stores to see, touch and purchase all the lovely wares.  But after moving and getting a real eyeful of EEEVVERRRYYTHING I owned!  I came to the realization and I must admit it was a slow reality check, but I owned too much of a good thing!  I started going through items to purge so I will have room to enjoy our new place but the sad truth is it’s still a process.  And so I am still purging and procrastinating but I have never been giddier.  I am truly happy and blessed to spend my day doing what I love and I hope you all stay with me while I walk this walk!


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