I hope you all had a good and restful weekend.  I spent the better part of my weekend tending my plants.  I don't have a green thumb or deep pockets to keep replacing plants that die an untimely death while under my care.  Fortunately for me, Home Depot has a good return policy so my Fiddle fig tree has been returned and I'm trying once again to grow one.  While at Home Depot I noticed they had a lot fruit trees out and was wondering how well the trees would fare in this Texas weather.  After speaking with the associate in the garden center I was told the trees could grow with no problem.  But in order for them to produce fruit a lot of work and effort would have to be put into their care in the first year.  So there will be no planting of a fruit tree in my yard.  But alas!  I have options!!! Wait for it...a Meyer lemon tree!  From what I have read, they grow relatively easy inside or outdoors.  The lemons are said to produce fruit that is sweet and less tart than the regular supermarket varieties.  The trees can grow anywhere from 6-12ft high and produce fruit all year.  Winter is when the tree yields the most fruit and my favorite tidbit I found out about the Meyer lemon tree grows in Texas!  So wish me luck!  I'm on the hunt for a Meyer lemon tree they have been sold out locally but when I purchase one I will let you all know.  Until next time.

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