New Year, New Snacks!

My resolution for the new year make NO resolutions!  Who needs the pressure?  I DID  choose to make healthier choices as far as my diet is concern this year.  When I  kept a food journal some months back, I learned that I do not eat often and my snack choices were not the best.  I needed a change.  So, I was beyond ecstatic when Trader Joe's opened in Austin, TX last year.  Every time I shop there I find new items that I fall in love with.   This time when I shopped things would be different, I was on a mission to find healthy snack options.

                                Here are some snacks that I found that are DELICIOUS!!!
My favorite find hands down are the Quinoa and Black Bean Tortilla Chips.  They are so good and garlicky, I eat them with the tomatillo and roasted yellow chili salsa.  I really have to watch my serving on these they are addictive.  The chia has become a staple in my smoothies along with my flax seeds.  The marcona almonds with rosemary have also become a quick favorite..  If you are looking for some healthy option try Traders Joes.  When planning my grocery list I try to dedicate a small portion to snacks and these are all  budget friendly.  
I plan on creating some healthy alternatives to some meals I have made for years, so stay tune for those in the coming weeks.
*I know, I know. I know the almond biscotti is not a "healthy" snack but having an indulgence every once in awhile never killed anyone!*

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