Dresser rehab

My family has returned home from their visit to Texas and I'm still a bit tired.  Well let me be honest, I am really tired from the late night girl chats and running around...but man oh man we had a blast!  It's funny how you don't see someone for a long time but when you reunite it's like you haven't missed a beat.  Hopefully this is the start of my cousin and I staying connected and not letting get so busy we forget to stay in touch.

Right before my cousin came to visit I decided to paint the dresser in the guest room.  I have a lot of dark wood in my house and decided to paint this handmade dresser white so it would make the guest room light and airy.  The effect of the color change was immediate and I'm glad it turned out so well.  I cannot wait to get my brushes on other pieces that are taking up space in my garage.

That hand you see in the sanding picture above is my hubby's.  I had to tag him in after getting cramps in my hands.  I want to try an ombré paint technique on a small dresser that I have.  But that will be in the near future.

Until next time Loves!

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