Loving the skin I'm in

Spring is here and although the weather is not cooperating with me,  I'm still prepping my skin for the warmer months ahead.  Here is a list of some of my favorite products to get my skin ready for the flesh baring season.  The Jo Malone Sweet Almond & Macaroon candle fills a room with a warm aroma and I light them for my long baths.  During these baths I like to slough my skin with the Stress free eucalyptus tea scrub by Bath and Body Works.   These scrubs are so inexpensive and gentle but are some of the best on the market hands down!  For my hair I really like the Knot Today leave in detangler by Kinky-Curly,  the light formula keeps my curls springy and any knots at bay.  The Pawpaw ointment is perfect if your lips are chapped or prone to dryness.  I bought the Carmex healing ointment on a whim at Walgreen's because it was on sale for a ridiculous low price and I am a bargain shopping and now a devoted fan.  This ointment coats your hands and removes the ash without the greasy feeling some lotions can have and I find that I don't have to reapply that often like I do with lotion.  The final product in my skin recovery arsenal is the Nars Body Glow oil.  You can fake a year round glow using this oil and the smell will send you packing to somebodies island.  So if you enjoy walking around like a bronze Goddess without laying out in the sun like I do, this oil is for you!  There you have it, I revealed some of my secrets and I hope you try them and love them like I do!  Just remember don't tell anyone how your skin got that glow its our secret!

Until next time!

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