My framed African combs are one of the gifts from my love,  that I will always cherish.  He said the combs represent us and at the time I didn't think much about the statement, but after time I understood what he meant.  I walk past these combs everyday as I hurry out my house and I started thinking "why do I love these combs?"  After pulling out some of my books on African traditions here's what I learned...In many African countries and Diaspora's the carvings of a comb can show the economic status, religious beliefs and lineage of the wearer.   The combs and hairstyles are rich in history for a particular tribe.  Back in the day the combing of hair in African American culture was a period of bonding were cultural traditions were passed on through hairstyling.  I can remember many Saturdays getting my hair braided by my aunt or cousin.  Or when I had to grease my Dad scalp with the big comb!  The fun and jokes told during these times are absolutely priceless!

When I started wearing my hair curly a few years ago, I noticed my loves, hands were always in my head, stroking my strands and messaging my scalp.  When I wore my hair straight I went to the salon every two weeks and he rarely touched my hair, but not for a lack of trying.  I just didn't want him to mess up my style.  Now I welcome an opportunity to get my hair washed by him, those hands are the BIZ-NESS!  He likes to be in my hair and I now I'm wearing a style that I am not too picky about him touching.  So the next time my hubby wants to show his love for me by giving a great shampoo and scalp message, who am I to complain?

Until next time!

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