Pier 1 Imports

Just back in from what was suppose to be a quick trip to Pier 1 but it turned into a hour long drool fest.  I can literally stay in that store for hours on end!  While I'm browsing the store I think of the many ways I can use an item to justify the purchase.  Those mini glass cups would be great filled with a cerviche or melon soup this summer.  Those tall copper candle holders can work on my patio, living room or bedroom.  Imagine the purple cracked glasses in a glamorous table scape.  A nice bright wreath would pop against my dark wood door.  I was fine in the store just browsing, content to window shop and then it happened......my eyes got watery, my fingers started to twitch, my breathing became labored and right before I thought I would lose control my hubby rushed in and carried me out!  I must confess...... I have a serious case of Too Many Damn Pillows and I almost relapsed by making a purchase.   LOL!

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