Virginia bred designer Reuben Reuel's African inspired line of clothing called De-Mes'tiks, has the most wonderful and vibrant pieces of clothing I have seen in such a long time.  I have fallen in love with all his designs at his etsy shop!  His clothing has such feminine lines combined with really bold prints.  I love a womanly silhouette!  You know whenever a woman wears a piece of clothing revealing a trim waist its called being "snatched"!  Think of Jackee Harry back in her "227" days to get a better idea of what it means to be "snatched"!  The tops and skirts with the peplum waist are the absolute bee's knees and leave you snatched in the best way possible.  I was shocked to learn that the prints that I thought were African made are actually made in Holland but are primarily used in African clothing.  That just goes to show you that you learn something new everyday.  So, if you want to see more of Reuben Reuel's pieces for his De-Mes'tiks line visit his Etsy shop at

Until next time Loves!

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