Grown and Sexy

Every year I vow to take control of my health by exercising regularly and watching what I eat.  So far this year, I am still going hard by increasing my workouts considerably.  I went from doing cardio from 3 days to 5 days a week.  I also added weight training to my schedule 3 days a week.  My endurance has increased tenfold with the additional workouts but I didn't notice a difference in the mirror until.....I changed my DIET!  Yeah I know, this should be a given thing but this IS a real struggle.  Eating consistently is really hard for me because I'm not really hungry in the mornings.   But every morning I make myself eat my oatmeal with flax seeds and chia seeds or my Greek yogurt with nuts.  If I don't eat in the morning, I will definitely overeat at lunch!  Choosing healthier options for me are now easier since my husband has also gotten on board with changing his eating habits.  We both have always worked out regularly but have shied away from making true changes to our diets.  But let me tell you honey, we both like the way we are looking and feeling!  I wish I had started earlier.  When I was younger and I would see all the older people walking and jogging around my neighborhood I use to think to myself "why did they start so late?"  Now I know, they want to grow older without any health issues or limitations.  I know this post was a bit wordy but my new outlook will bring some health conscious posts.  So make sure to support and/or join me in my quest to keep it GROWN and SEXY!

Until next time!

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