Guest room (a work in progress)

I have been working on the guest room and I am so ready to get ready of this headboard!  It doesn't go with anything.  When this headboard was in my room years ago my bed was so high, I needed a stool to get on it. After changing my bedroom years ago the bed moved into the guestroom.  The room is not working for me, it feels stuffy now and I haven't found a bed I want so I'm tempted to make my own upholstered headboard. Maybe I will purchase all white bedding and curtains to get a more open and airy look.  I want the guest room to be a complete space of it's own not a dumping ground for furniture I don't use anymore.  Oh well, decisions, decisions.  I like looking at pictures of my home over the years and seeing how my design aesthetic has changed. Wonder what I will like in the next few years?  I do know that I still need to work on editing my accessories in my whole house.   It's a good thing that I am in the staging business I can roll some items into my inventory.  Well I'm off to hit the stores and see what inspires me!

Until next time!

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