I Never Promised You a Herb Garden

Being a born and bred city girl I have never attempted to garden.  Our family had no grass at all, just a small concrete yard so growing up I never had the urge to plant a garden.  Now after many years of being a "suburbanite I'm itching to grow something.  I'm not one to focus on my short comings so I will tell you what I can do!  I do know how to plant my feet inside a kitchen and that's just what I did! I looked inside my cabinets and refrigerator at all of the things I eat and cook with the most and decided to try my hand at growing a portion of my own food.  The thought of starting a full garden immediately intimidated me so, I will go a lot smaller with a herb and tomato container garden.   I went to my local nursery and purchased some organic herbs and the rest were a toss up between Home Depot and Lowes.  I made sure to use regular soil no Miracle Grow or any other pretreated soil.  I did this based on the recommendations from seasoned gardeners.  All plants were thoroughly soaked before being planted.  Before I forget, the herbs I chose were Thyme, Rosemary, Dill, Parsley and Basil.  I cant remember the different variety of tomatoes I selected but, I do know that I planted Heirloom which is my favorite.  I will let you all see the progress as my garden grows and hopefully I can put a minor dent in our rising grocery bill.

Hey Loves, watch my garden grow!  Until next time!

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