Ear Cuffs

They say everything old is new again and that can be definitely said for ear cuffs.   I like to see when hot trends make there way back in style.  Ear Cuffs were and still are a great jewelry alternative to getting multiple piercings or for those who have no holes in their ears.  Cuffs are now designed to dress up or down depending on your outfit.  The price range is huge like $5.00 from Forever 21 to $20,000 from Moda Operandi, making this a style everybody can afford.   Even though I am a mature woman(did I say that?), I still like to bring the funk into my look and these cuffs do just that and more!   I love when I rock a piece and my kids look at me and say "look at Mama she trying to be young".   Then I reply "no baby you trying to be hip, Mama was rocking these long before you were born!" Wonk!

buy this here: www.lyst.com

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