Laura Mercier

My hands down favorite makeup product, I have purchased in the last couple of years is the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.  I originally was a MAC girl for my foundation needs, but my skin tone changed and I could not find the right color to fit me anymore.  I tried to change to a different product in the same line with no success.  I purchased other products recommended by makeup artists at the beauty counter in the departments stores and was disappointed with the products and the prices.  Drug store makeup was also met with no success because I couldn't sample the product before making a purchase and I now have a drawer full of liquid, cream and cream to powder foundations!  What's a girl to do?  I made my way to Sephora and was perusing the products when I was approached by a salesperson.  After explaining my dilemma she quickly led me a makeup artist who directed me to the Laura Mercier line.  I quickly scanned the line and really did not see many foundations for women of color.  My skepticism must have shown on my face because she readily assured me that she had a product she thought would be perfect.  After asking me some questions and analyzing my skin she pulled out the tinted moisturizer and began applying it with a brush to my jawline.  My eyes grew big as she brushed the product on and it matched my skin tone perfectly!  Oh happy day!  I am still pleased with this product and generally use a small amount to achieve a glowing complexion.  The big plus with this tinted moisturizer is no one can tell you are wearing makeup, you just look like you have light tan. So if you are looking for a product that provides light coverage as well as protecting your skin from harmful rays head over to people at Laura Mercier.

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